Author: Macharia Muhoho

In debating budget, consider effect on food security

Reading Time: 2 minutes The proposed Finance Bi*l 2024 has sparked significant debate and concern among citizens and experts. Its potential far-reaching effects wi*l […]

Church has played c******l role in Africa’s progress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, I visited Nakuru City. The renowned religious figure, Prophet David Owuor, was in town, drawing crowds du**ng his mega […]

How Ruto can exploit Raila AU bid to weaken Azimio

Reading Time: 3 minutes Raila Odinga’s decision to vie for the position of chairperson of the African Union C*mmission (AUC) is poised to have […]

Ideal age to start a business, according to science

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, I stumbled upon a social media video in which an individual was berating folks in their mid-thirties and above […]

Facing East or West, Kenya’s strategic location’s bait

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the scramble for Africa continues, both the East and West persistently court African countries with enticing offerings. African countries […]

Is moon exploration redefining moment for Kenya?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Five, four, three, two, one, and lift off, the most powerful space telescope ever made, the epic James Web Space […]

Why healthy c*mpet*tion is key for economic growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes A b***l of bi*lionaires, courtesy of Tesla’s Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, might entertain those of us who […]

Why innovation in public service delivery is crucial

Reading Time: 2 minutes The provision of public services and innovation have long been acknowledged by UN Member States as essential building blocks of […]