Author: Malemba Mkongo

Screening, vaccination crìtical in wàr against cervical càncer

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Pamela Savai lost her husband in 2017, she did not know her time off to mourn him would have […]

Cultural hurdles standing between widowers and remarrying

Reading Time: 4 minutes They say a w***n or wife is the backbone of any household, especially in our African cultural set-up. That is […]

Fast food joints in hot soup over chicken welfare

Reading Time: 3 minutes Five g****l fast food restaurants operating in Kenya are serving chicken that have not met animal welfare protection guidelines. According […]

Female scholars worried about low citation of their work

Reading Time: 4 minutes Over the years, women in the academics have complained over lack or low citation of their research work in the […]

Women’s exclusion from tech, innovation still rife 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kenya has made major strides towards achieving gender equality despite challenges it has continued to face over the years. For […]

Kenyan wildlife bears brunt of harshest drought

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the World Marks World Wildlife Day, Kenya’s wild animals have nothing to celebrate as their numbers deplete due to […]

Impact of climate change, beyond water shortage

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the dusty village of Meldanyi, Kajiado Central, boys slowly walk their cows to a water point under the scorching […]

Study reports low arrests of suspects in terror attacks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Despite the rising number of terror attacks recorded in 2022, suspects arrested in relation to these criminal activities remain low. […]