Author: Manuel Ntoyai

Iconic Congolese guitarist Lokassa ya Mbongo celebrated

Reading Time: 2 minutes The music world is mourning, following the death of celebrated Congolese songwriter and rhythm guitarist Lokassa ya Mbongo. The guitar […]

Morgan Heritage to feature on the The Drop Series before world tour

Reading Time: < 1 minute Award winning Reggae band Morgan Heritage is set to tour neighbouring country Uganda end of the month in part of […]

Lack of awareness impedes justice access, judge says

Reading Time: < 1 minute Despite constitutional guarantees, lack of legal awareness remains the biggest bottleneck when it comes to access to justice. Speaking at […]

The role of creativity in the school curriculum

Reading Time: 3 minutes “I never went back to collect my certificates after Form Four,” is a fact that Juliani the rapper never hides […]

Big headache for estate nightclubs as festivities begin

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the festive season kicking in, the entertainment industry is apprehensive on the current ban on licences of bars, restaurants […]

The reel role of Kenyan film-makers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has resolved to scrap all agent-run bases from where local film-makers must obtain their […]

Handwriting major predictor of academic success, say experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes In his autobiography, My Life is My Message, Mahatma Gandhi talks about the effect of bad or rather poor handwriting. […]

Road accidents, human b***d sacrifice and the elections

Reading Time: 4 minutes The electioneering period in the country is one of the most electrifying moments, a circle that repeats itself every five […]