Author: Mukalo Kwayera

As leaders underperform, citizens must step in

Reading Time: 3 minutes The conduct of Kenya’s National A*sembly in the last three weeks has left a lot to be desired. One wishes […]

Mudavadi: Raila AU post hunt on course

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pr*me Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Musalia Mudavadi says Kenya’s campaign for former Pr*me Minister Raila Odinga […]

General Kahariri must entrench Tonje Rules

Reading Time: 2 minutes A polished mariner was last week appointed and sworn in as the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF). President Wi*liam Ruto […]

Who wi*l it be? Big test for Ruto to replace Ogolla

Reading Time: 5 minutes A Herculean task lies ah**d of President Wi*liam Ruto as the country awaits him to appoint the next Chief of […]

Devki should not try to reverse our democracy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Entrepreneur Rajendra Raval, also known as Guru, is no doubt an industrialist with ma**oth influence. The businessman has ma*sively invested in Kenya […]

Why my birthday reminds me of Kanu excesses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last Friday, I made the unusual move on my social media platforms to announce to the world that I had […]

State inaction on fertilizer scam a great shame

Reading Time: 2 minutes For more than a month now, farm**s in some regions falling under the former Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces […]

Parties must open doors to women leadership

Reading Time: 3 minutes Barring a miracle, Namibia wi*l have a w***n president later this year. In less than a month, the stars seem […]