Author: Musa Radoli

Experts push for cybercrime awareness amid virus fears

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cyber-crime continues to gain momentum in developing economies and many of its impacts, albeit significant, remain largely unseen. And after […]

Automotive cartels re-emerge as pandemic lockdowns ease

Reading Time: 2 minutes Smuggling of cars from Uganda to Kenya has blossomed to become a multi-billion shillings business with feeders countrywide after suffering […]

Lockdown: How transport predators exploit travellers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thousands of travellers are being fleeced by a fresh breed of predatory transporters exploiting Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. With major public […]

Why medicine smuggling racket thrives at Uganda-Kenya border

Reading Time: 3 minutes Illegal trade on the Kenya-Uganda border has a long history as is evidenced by the smuggling of coffee beans from Uganda to Kenya […]

Kenya turns to foreign market to defuse a ‘ticking time bomb’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Soaring unemployment levels has forced the government to mount pressure on the National Employment Authority (NEA) to fast-track its pursuit […]

Virus drives charcoal business at Busia border to its deathbed

Reading Time: 3 minutes For a very long time trade in charcoal across the border from Uganda to Kenya in Busia has been booming, transforming […]

Agony as Covid cuts lifeline for funeral fundraising joints

Reading Time: 2 minutes The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to keep many nations on their knees.  In its short life, it has not halted […]

Vicious boardroom war rocks giant Afya Sacco

Reading Time: 3 minutes A vicious war has erupted at the multi-billion shillings Afya Co-operative Savings and Credit Society (Sacco) with top managers and Central Management Committee […]