Author: Muthoki Kithanze

Upgrade Aberdare’s road a potential ecological disaster

Reading Time: 4 minutes Located in the central highlands of Kenya the Aberdare Forest is towered by lash almond brown trees whose bark gives […]

Supporting learners with visual disability to achieve their dreams

Reading Time: 4 minutes Symon Munyiri is a trainer at Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind (MTIB). At the institution, he teaches Mathematics and […]

Early eye cancer screening could save your child’s life

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 2015, Tabitha Njeri noticed something shiny in her two-year-old son, Austin Kagiri, left eye. She was pregnant with her […]

What to do when your patient rights are violated

Reading Time: 4 minutes Caroline Nduku envisioned the celebratory arrival of her first child, the ordinary pain of childbirth notwithstanding. However, a few hours […]

Why Kenya is likely to miss its breastfeeding targets

Reading Time: 5 minutes Giving infants breast milk alone for the first six months of their life is one of the widely recommended actions […]

How thousands became stateless in their own land

Reading Time: 3 minutes People get congratulatory messages for landing a job, getting married or closing a business deal. But rarely because of receiving […]

Mothers adopt better feeding habits to fight malnutrition boost child health

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Marcella Kerubo introduced porridge to her four months old infant, she was not aware of the consequences of her […]

Salute to the men playing dad and mum roles in their children’s lives

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the world celebrates Father’s Day, dads who find themselves playing the role of mum and dad under whatever circumstance […]