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I chose writing to escape unemployment

While waiting and praying for a well-paying job, Koki Oyuke immersed herself in writing and editing books. Her journey into […]

Do men have marriage-by date?

While there’s pressure for women to settle down once they get to their mid 20s, men are told to wait […]

Shiviske Shivisi talks about her life, experiences as an actor

Shiviske Shivisi is a prolific actor, producer and budding director. She has starred in multiple theatre and film productions, with […]

Love myths that may be keeping you single

Whether you have learned lessons about love from movies, or you have been influenced by parents, society and culture, chances […]

Ten most contentious homework ever

Since the education sector is all about enlightenment, one would think that it would be free from controversy. Takeaway class […]

Fashionista Sylvia Nduati talks about her fashion interests

Sylvia Nduati is a fashionista known for her bold fashion choices and simple hairstyles. An accountant by training, she chose […]

Why holding grudges is bad for you

Experts argue that holding on to bitterness and vengeance when someone wrongs you does more harm to you than it […]

What your jealous feelings are telling you

Often when a lover feels jealous, it is easy for his/her partner to take it as being protective and sweet. […]