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When your lover loves fighting

Nailantei Norari @artnorari Ever heard of a relationship where the partners are always fighting such that when they are not, people […]

Seaside foodie heaven

Nailantei Norari @ArtNorari While I am sad to see most of the restaurants I patronise close down, just when I was […]

When a lover takes back gifts

Nailantei Norari @artnorari Recently, social media was rife with debate on whether one should let their ex stay with a gift […]

On the death bed?

The rising numbers of internet users in the country has birthed a lot of digital content generators, blogging being among […]

Scovia Miruka aka Just Scovia – a lifestyle, fashion blogger

Scovia Miruka aka Just Scovia is a lifestyle and fashion blogger and influencer. She is known for her great fashion […]

The men of Tinder and what I learnt

For two weeks, Nailantei Norari joined the world of popular online dating app, Tinder. From sexually excited men looking for […]

Ten types of blood disorders

These are conditions that impact the blood’s ability to function correctly. Otherwise known as hematological conditions, they can involve one […]

Hoops people jump for marriage

 Can people from different social, race, cultural or financial classes have happy relationships? Nailantei Norari sought to find out. Judy […]