Author: Nailantei Norari

Nameless and Wahu have at last opened their doors to a docu-reality series called ‘This Love’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nailantei Norari @artnorari When you think music power couple, Wahu and Nameless immediately pop up in your mind. It is […]

I am trying to save for retirement

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am trying to save for retirement. This is only because I did a campaign with Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) […]

Elegantly polished: Meet Brian Mutinda an agency copywriter and digital influencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brian Mutinda is an agency copywriter and digital influencer known for his great fashion looks. Nailantei Norari caught up with […]

Nudity at the gym

Reading Time: 3 minutes While it might be an unimaginable thing to encounter a nude patron at your local gym, it’s not unexpected. However, […]

A haven for the health conscious in the heart of the city

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nailantei Norari @Artnorari While healthy eating has always been associated with the elderly, more and more age groups are embracing a […]

Meet Canada-based Wanjiku Bubi – a Kenyan fashion and beauty enthusiast

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada-based Wanjiku Bubi is a Kenyan fashion and beauty enthusiast. She loves experimenting and believes that fashion is the first […]

A guide to finding your true self…

Reading Time: 4 minutes A lot of emphasis is put on identity; who you identify as and how that impacts your relations with yourself […]

Why apologising is more than saying you are sorry

Reading Time: 4 minutes All apologies are not equal. Nailantei Norari explores this art to help rebuild relationships and redress hurts caused. There will […]