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The good and the ugly of online therapy

Today there are innumerous therapists on social media sharing bite-sized videos on varying topical issues and garnering millions of views […]

When silence in relationships gets loud

You can see the anger or even outright hostility from your partner. But he/she simply won’t tell you what’s wrong, […]

Mercy Mwende talks her experiences, triumphs as a stylist

Mercy Mwende is a professional stylist who’s been in the craft for more than six years. She has always loved […]

Ten habits to make a better you

The New Year comes with a renewed resolve to do and get better. There is no better place to start […]

Is happiness possible this festive season?

Pain and loss have defined the year 2020, making life for many difficult on the physical, emotional and financial spheres.  […]

Fashion enthusiast Sylvia Bonareri talks everything about her style, Azuri Closet

Sylvia Bonareri is a self-confessed fashion addict. She is the founder of Azuri Closet, an online boutique that stocks ladies’ […]

Ten healthy gifts for festive season

Christmas festivity is all about celebrating our loved ones and showing them how special they are by giving them the […]

Should you feel guilty if it is pleasurable?

Nailantei Norari @artnorari Guilty pleasures ran the gamut from the small harmless ones to the larger potentially harmful ones. They […]