Author: Nailantei Norari

10 books to elevate your sexual life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Reading is supposed to enrich our lives. There is no area that humans need enriching more than their sex lives. […]

Future faking, a toxic dating strategy used to lure partners

Reading Time: 4 minutes Barely a week after you met this guy and he is talking about all the wonderful things that the two […]

Trauma, its effect and finding healing

Reading Time: 4 minutes One cannot sufficiently prepare for trauma as it is both unpredictable in scale and timing. Basically, trauma is described as […]

Financial red flags to heed in relationship

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Kenya, discussing finances is the last thing that couples want to do. This is imprudent, especially since monetary incongruence […]

The problem with oversharing and trauma dumping

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ever met someone for the first time and the first thing they did was share something so incredibly personal that […]

How to make homespun wraps

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have recently discovered how filling, healthy and sumptuous homemade wraps are. While you could spend Ksh700 on buying a […]

How to make spirited meals

Reading Time: 4 minutes While you drink alcohol to get inebriated and blur reality, cooking food with it is more about enhancing food taste […]

Do you need a coach or therapist?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the increased Internet connectivity and the youth becoming the larger part of the world’s population, coaching is becoming more […]