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Public agencies should do more to secure cyber space

With many businesses adopting digital platforms and more workers going online, revelations of a massive jump in cyber attack cases […]

Tap institutional partnerships to fire up growth

What are some steps government and private sector players ought to take to reduce poverty drastically over the next ten […]

Wind of innovation is blowing, can we harness it?

How can policy makers and county governments harness the potential of youth and women-led agricultural enterprises to drive job creation […]

Leaders should take up Biden’s challenge on climate change

US President Joe Biden’s decision to sign an Executive Order returning America to the Paris Agreement on climate change, is […]

Uganda’s social media ban stifles economic rights

The global community–including internet companies–must feel obligated to make it both difficult and unfashionable for despotic governments to ban digital […]

Time to make families, country think sustainably

It is universally acknowledged that the family is the basic unit of a nation. As Kenyans come to terms with […]

MBUGUA: Youth hold key to ICT growth in Africa

Young people in Africa are riding the ICT crest, chalking up notable successes both at home and abroad.

Highway Code is sacred, just like Xmas; observe it

It’s the season to be jolly but does that give motorists the licence to flout every traffic law in the […]