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Kenya to host major agricultural research summit

Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Research Organisation (Kalro) is set to host a major conference on mitigating the impact of […]

Munya unveils draft laws, to dissolve food authority

The government has drafted new laws designed to re-establish former export commodities regulatory institutions in a move which moves closer […]

Saccos embrace digital loaning, boost revenue

Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisations (Saccos) have for long been reluctant to embrace modern technology but matters appear to have […]

Lobby: Kenyan beans face ban in Asia

Kenya could lose key export destinations in Asia due to alleged chemical contamination to its beans, a farmer lobby claims. […]

Saccos warned of uncertainties despite high liquidity

Low demand for loans is worrying Deposit Taking Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations (DT-SACCOs). This is in spite of the […]

Parliament support rules to tame rogue saccos

Parliament has vowed to support new regulations being fast-tracked by national government to rein in ponzi schemes purporting to be […]

Kenya, Horn of Africa faces ‘fresh locust invasion later in the year’

Kenya is among other East African countries facing another desert locust invasion later in the year, the United Nations  warns. […]

Kenya saved 315,000 tonnes of cereals from destruction by locusts, says FAO

United Nations and Kenya managed to protect over 315,000 tonnes of cereals against destruction by desert locusts that invaded the […]