Author: Patrick Wachira

Letter to my employer on the new ways of interacting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dear Sir/Madam, The double gender salutation is not a mistake. It falls within what my high school teacher said is […]

Of names that are much more than entries on IDs

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have always said both here and while sitting at my favourite spot at my local haunt that if you […]

Why country’s CEO must be missing his night life

Reading Time: 3 minutes My senior colleague, one Uhuru Kenyatta, must be missing his night life. I know how you are wondering how he […]

When politicians master tricks akin to uncle Joseph’s

Reading Time: 3 minutes The story is told of a family of small means that was struggling to put food on the table, but […]

Of social lessons brought by coronavirus pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes It appears that coronavirus epidemic has brought more social lessons than just the much-touted washing of hands and use of […]

Of well-enjoyed holidays before virus, curfew lingo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Long before the world knew about viruses and covids and curfews and slay-queens and the rest of latter-day lingo,  I […]

Walibora: Cool and calm probation officer I knew

Reading Time: 2 minutes The sudden death of Prof Ken Walibora Waliaula has robbed Swahili speakers  and writers a scholar of no mean repute. […]

Uncle Habakkuk’s ‘sight-seeing’ escapades in the city

Reading Time: 3 minutes Of course you know by now my famous uncle Habakkuk is confined in Nairobi against his will, having coaxed his […]