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Uncle Habakkuk’s ‘sight-seeing’ escapades in the city

Of course you know by now my famous uncle Habakkuk is confined in Nairobi against his will, having coaxed his […]

How uncle Habakkuk is keeping up with pandemic

My increasingly popular uncle, Habakkuk Wachira Mugua Hari (literally he who falls where things are) is a troubled soul, what […]

Hilarity around measures to prevent Covid-19 spread

Just about last week, one of the most trending jokes on social media said a famous self-styled prophet had cancelled […]

Letter to my employer on novel staff motivation ideas

Dear sir/madam, The salutation is referenced to both gender because I am not sure who will pass the buck to […]

Open letter to Mheshimiwa Johnstone Muthama

Hi pal, Greetings. And happy New Year. I know the year has aged considerably but that is beside the point. As […]

More reasons for me to patronise Njoro’s mutura base

Last week, I spent a huge chunk of my afternoons musing. Or rather, I was busy patronising Njoro’s mutura banda. […]

Take-home points from the infamous men’s conference

I have just returned from the (in) famous men’s conference, where I was scheduled to be a guest speaker but […]

Of Valentine’s tales and two looming ‘conferences’

Four days from now, the whole of Nairobi (and a few villages nearby) will be afire, almost in the literal […]