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How alcohol abuse contributes to heavy TB burden

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite global efforts, tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant cause of death and long-term disability. In Kenya, tuberculosis remains the fourth […]

Why parties should pick electoral agency bosses

Reading Time: 4 minutes At the special sitting of the Senate on January 19, the chairman of the Senate’s Justice, Legal Affairs and Human […]

Rich or not, every Kenyan citizen must pay tax

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should everybody pay taxes? It is a no brainer. Everybody should pay taxes. In fact, the higher the public responsibility, […]

Why Africa visit by Pope is significant

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pope Francis’ visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan has been hailed as a turning point, not […]

Want to empower coffee farmers? Eliminate cartels

Reading Time: 3 minutes A story is told of a big foreign buyer of Kenyan coffee who once visited the country to meet local […]

Tvets need digital tech to accelerate job creation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digitisation is rapidly changing the skills-sets needed in diverse fields by virtue that employers are searching for human resources with […]

Effective police reforms should ensure efficiency

Reading Time: 3 minutes A country’s police service can be either a protector or a predator to the society. Regardless of their personal beliefs, […]

How stigma can worsen drug and alcohol addiction

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is not uncommon to come across derogatory terminologies such as mlevi, crackhead, junkie and stoner among others, being used […]