Author: Phyllis Wakiaga

Urgent need to ease regulatory burden for SMEs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are creators and innovators, generating new ideas, and developing the most interesting concepts.  They contribute […]

We need to fix the basics for economic prosperity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good governance is hinged on processes and structures that promote accountability, rule of law, inclusiveness, transparency, empowerment and broad-based participation.  […]

Why goodwill is essential for lucrative trade

Reading Time: 2 minutes Local manufacturers led by Kenya Association of Manufacturers last week went on a trade mission to Tanzania, following the meeting […]

Stakeholders joint effort crucial in economic growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Countries all over the world have prioritised manufacturing in their economic rebound strategies, following the adverse effects of the Covid-19 […]

Let’s safeguard consumers from illicit trade

Reading Time: 3 minutes Illicit trade is a long-standing issue, growing in scope and magnitude and derailing economic development. It not only threatens the […]

Adopting sustainable manufacturing is inevitable

Reading Time: 2 minutes The World Environment Day this year came with a message of hope – we are the generation that has the […]

Why our tax policies need urgent reforms

Reading Time: 3 minutes The only way a nation can succeed in bridging the relationship gap between its citizens and the government – enriching […]

It’s time to cushion Kenyans from high cost of living

Reading Time: 3 minutes In these hard economic times, it is becoming extremely difficult for many Kenyans to make ends meet.  Whilst an unfortunate […]