Author: Phyllis Wakiaga

Let’s inspire projects that secure Africa’s investment

Reading Time: 2 minutes The World Economic Forum in Davos this year acknowledged a world grappling with multiple crises characterised by Covid-19, conflicts, soaring […]

Time for Africa to be a serious player in global value chains

Reading Time: 3 minutes The moment for Africa to become a serious player in global value chains is now or never. With solid political […]

Africa should take lead in fourth industrial revolution

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two weeks ago, I participated in the 10th KENGEN Global Innovation Seminar whose theme was ‘Innovating Beyond the next Decade’. […]

Why we must reduce the regulatory burden 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Regulations are necessary requirements in any nation. When effectively implemented, they create an enabling environment for competitiveness by enforcing fair […]

Why good administration is critical for prosperity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Any nation’s development is reliant on the leaders elected by the citizenry. Therefore, elections are a fundamental part of a […]

Youth are critical stakeholders in economic growth 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Engaging young people enriches institutions and processes. If we take just one critical aspect of empowering the youth, either through […]

Productive jobs role in improving quality of life 

Reading Time: 3 minutes The recent Labour Day celebrations took me back to my business studies classes, specifically on the four factors of production […]

Are we investing enough to save our planet? 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Different countries globally are currently working towards achieving socio-economic development, particularly now as we seek to overcome the impact of […]