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We need a city worth its repute and regional standing

Nairobi, one of Africa’s fastest growing cities attracts immense social and commercial interest. Its infrastructural investments, vibrant communities and flourishing […]

We should indeed consider rotational presidency

Ngugi wa Thiong’o in, ‘Secure the Base: Making Africa Visible in the Globe’ decries the negative impact of tribalism in […]

We will be judged based on constitutional process

The past 18 years have occasioned a myriad of political and constitutional changes for Kenya. Between 2002 and 2020, we […]

Let’s celebrate, we have all been heroes this year

The 2020 Mashujaa Day celebrations come at a challenging time for both government and citizens. 2020 has been a surprising […]

Tough balancing act as children return to school

2020 has taken a toll on many communities both socially and economically. Kenya is no different, as it had had […]

Intoxicating mixture of religion, squalor and politics

It is a psychological fact that we make decisions based on our emotions and not on logic. Our emotions determine […]

Conference on pandemic reflection, lessons timely

The recent Covid-19 virtual conference brought to the fore challenges and successes of service delivery at county level. Themed ‘County […]

To whom does constitutional moment belong?

Many countries have drafted their constitutions on the backdrop of crucial political events that have inspired the values and mechanics […]