Author: Shadrack Agaki

Food Security Authority could harmonise sector policies

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Kenya strives to meet the Malabo Declaration commitment on ending hunger and halving poverty by 2025, the Food Security […]

Graft, not economic model, hindering development

Reading Time: 2 minutes The conversation on which economic model will deliver higher growth is timely, but we must be careful not to focus […]

Informal food enterprises critical for development

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the ongoing debate on the best model to accelerate economic development, informal food enterprises and the attendant policies must […]

Retracing abandoned pathway to proper food security

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the centre bolt in socio-economic development, food security remains an area that demands constant evolution and transformation. However, previous […]

Why food diplomacy should be embraced globally

Reading Time: 2 minutes Development of any economy is predicated on the harmonious relations of sectors and actors.  Diplomacy on its part seeks to […]

Law review debate a chance to promote effective food policies

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Global Hunger Index 2020 report categorising Kenya as a country facing serious hunger and one likely to miss attainment […]

Innovative land use policy critical to food security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Transformation of food systems to ensure all people at all times have access to sufficient nutritious food has become a […]

Consider clustering for sustainable food production

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Paris Accord recognises the fundamental priority of safeguarding food security and ending hunger and it is cognizant of particular […]