Author: Shukri Wachu

Preserving animals beyond death

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Nairobi National Museum, which houses the National Museum of Kenya headquarters, is a bastion where history and culture come […]

Swordplay game gives youths fighting chance for better future

Reading Time: 3 minutes The vibrant streets of Huruma in Nairobi, are pulsating with anticipation. In a neighbourhood renowned for its lively atmosphere and […]

Boarding school boosts learning in bandit heartland

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nestled at the heart of Nasuluu Conservancy in Ngaremara area, Isiolo County, is Samburu Community School. The learning institution has […]

Teen escapes early marriage, embraces coding in school and pursues conservation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scorched earth under the Isiolo sun crackles every time 14-year-old Christina Kinyagah walks while heading to school. It’s a […]

Samburu ranger adopts abandoned newborn rhino, raises it as own

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was love at first sight for Salome Lemalasia, a trained ranger and Loijipu, a baby rhino, barely two days […]

Tiny insect wages war on invasive cactus

Reading Time: 3 minutes Their traditional dresses, accentuated by ornaments woven into their flapping capes under the scorching sun makes them standout. As they […]

Moran’s tale of triumph amid haunting ghosts of the banditry menace

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pastoralism reigns supreme across the Samburu rangelands. It is a way of life that has dominated culture for the Samburu […]