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Open letter to Transport CS over Busia county roads

I am a resident of Busia county, a Kenyan and strong proponent  for regional  trading blocs.  I know your docket […]

Access to information is critical for political parties

While political parties in Kenya have remained brutal, cunning and complex, it’s time we thought seriously about allowing the public […]

Change of tack in fight against terrorism welcome

Kenya is on course in dealing with violent extremism (VE), radicalisation and terrorism threats, if the national strategy for preventing […]

Constitution liberated media but many other ills stand in the way

The consistent, trusted and professional work the media has played in Constitution making process in Kenya is well documented. Journalists […]

Victor Bwire: Amina WTO candidature timely

The strategy has changed and for that matter changed for the better. Those in charge of Kenya’s international relations and […]

China-US row over 5G bound to affect supply chains

A few years ago, it was unimaginable to think that the next global war would come from technological innovation. It […]

Cross-border conflicts call for integrated approach

The raging debate on whether the 11 MPs from northeastern Kenya who recently visited Somalia without clearance by State agencies […]

Parallels of media harassment in Moi death coverage

Media coverage and handling of journalists following the death of retired President Daniel arap Moi on February 4 was clouded […]