List of best businesses to start in December 2022

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A graphical representation of businesses to start in December.
A graphical representation of businesses to start in December.

Ho ho ho! The end-of-year holidays are here!

With Christmas fast approaching, many people are looking forward to taking time off from work to bond with their families, travel to new places and have a good time away from the hustle and bustle that's our everyday lives.

As most individuals look forward to unwinding and enjoying themselves during Christmas, the festivities present an opportunity to make an extra coin by starting up small seasonal businesses to meet the various needs of this group during the period.

Below we highlight some profitable businesses that one can start during the festive season.

Food-catering services

If you love the kitchen and everything good that comes from good recipes, this is an opportunity for you to earn some income.

The demand for catering services often increases during the festive season as families plan get-together meetings to bond, reflect on the year that was and plan for the future.

Cooking for many people can be stressful, especially, at this time when many want to relax their minds, so, most families would rather outsource catering services to reduce the time spent preparing food.

Also, most companies prefer to host their end-of-year parties during this period and there is usually a budget for food and drinks.

Some companies with limited budgets often prefer to host their events within their business premises as opposed to high-end hotels. You may want to take advantage of this and provide services to such firms.

To start the business, you only need to buy catering supplies and equipment and in some cases require a food handling permit from the local authorities.

Ensure your food is well cooked and maintain high levels of hygiene. Once the word has gone around that your services are exemplary, you are likely to get more clients.

Baking cakes

We all love well-baked cakes. Don't you? You can use your baking skills to make money during the festive season.

Remember you don't need a whole bakery to start the business as you can bake your cakes from the comfort of your home. Tell your family, neighbours, friends and colleagues about your business and start supplying them.

You'll definitely get more customers if your clients find them yummy!

Event planning

Some families prefer to spend Christmas away from home and often need a travel expert to organise their events.

If you're passionate about organising travel tours, Christmas and end of year parties, this is your time to make some money doing what you love.

For your services to stand out, you need to have good management, organizing and planning skills.

Nevertheless, ensure you understand your customers' needs to avoid last-minute disappointments and subsequent loss of potential customers.

Photography services

Photography is the universal language that speaks to the heart. With the rise in use of social media, many lovers of the digital space often want to tell their friends about what's happening around them and photographs help in telling the stories.

With photos, we can document memories and have them forever.

During the festive season, many people love to take photos and videos to share with their friends privately or publicly on social media. Therefore, the season presents an opportunity for professional photographers to make some money either full time or part time.

If you love the lenses, you can use this time to start or grow your photography/videography business. Remember you don't have to own a camera to start the business as nowadays there are firms that hire out the equipment at a reasonable fee. You may want to try this profitable venture.

Setting up Christmas trees

To some believers, for the Christmas to be complete, they have to set up a Christams tree. However, many of those who purchase the tree have little knowledge on how to decorate it. You can offer the services at a fee.

The Christmas tree, according to a section of Christians, is considered as the symbol of eternal life. It represents permanence and immortality.

The tradition of setting up the Christmas tree is based on the believe that Jesus Christ was born in the winter season. At the time, some of the trees shook off the snow and turned green to mark the great event.

The act of setting up a Christmas tree is believed to bring positivity, cheerfulness and the spirit of optimism in the otherwise dull weather of the winter season.

Gift wrapping services

The Christmas season is characterised with increased merrymaking. During the period, families and friends exchange gifts as a sign of love.

However, few people know how to wrap gifts hence the need for the services during the festive season.

You can stock gifts and wrap them for your customers at a fee.

Designing clothes

Growing up in the 90s, Christmas was never complete without new clothes from parents or guardians. The trend is still very much alive, judging from the traffic in clothe stores during the Christmas period.

Nowadays, it is also not uncommon to find children buying clothes for their ageing parents during the Christmas period.

Therefore, starting a boutique business during the Christmas period is a very viable and profitable idea for those in the fashion and design industry.

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