Coast hoteliers fear cancellations over anti-State protests

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 03:00 | By
Coast hoteliers fear cancellations over anti-State protests. PHOTO/File

Hoteliers at the Coast have raised concerns that cancellations of bookings owing to the escalated anti-government protests may persist.

According to players in the hospitality industry, the unrest witnessed in Nairobi portrays a bad image of the country as a tourism destination. It will negatively affect tourism arrivals and plunge the sector into another downward spin.

Kenya Coast Tourism Association (KCTA) executive director Julius Owino said hotels and restaurants that depend on tourists may soon close shop if the protests persist. “It portrays a bad image of a nation as displayed by media, of course the protest is bad for the business, we have witnessed what has happened in Kisumu where one tourist establishment has been destroyed by protesters, we condemn this and ask leaders to talk to their people to maintain peace,” he said.

Speaking to Business Hub, Owino asked leaders to consider protecting the economy which is just on the rebound after the prolonged electioneering period last year.

Sensitive industry

Mombasa enjoys a good number of tourists who stream for holidays while others come to witness diverse cultures the region presents.

 “We are a very sensitive industry, even seeing those messages displayed online alone is not good for the country, and is only important not to escalate, so we are calling upon them to tone down for the sake of the economy,” he said.

However, a spot-check by Business Hub yesterday revealed that retail shops, supermarkets and restaurants as well as tourist hotels remained open with Kenyans going on with their everyday business operations.

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