Savouring tasty hotel food after months at home

By Harriet James
Thursday, August 6th, 2020
A waiter serves food at the restaurant. Right, Burger fit for the king with ‘ndogondogo’. Photo/PD/Harriet James
In summary

Harriet James @harriet86jim

It feels good to have restaurants open particularly during this pandemic.

The fatigue of being indoors for a long time and the search for change in scenery drove me to the Tamambo restaurant at the Tamarind Tree Hotel for lunch.

Located along Lang’ata Road, the restaurant has amazing delicacies to match your taste buds. 

After washing my hands, sanitising and having my temperatures checked, I went in to have my meal.

One has an option of eating outside and enjoying the fresh breeze or inside where you can enjoy cool music as you satiate your appetite. 

I noticed that the tables, too, were well spaced in  observance of social distance rule of 1.5m apart.

On the walls were outstanding pieces of artwork by various Kenyan artists.

As I was admiring the artwork, one of the waiters, Brian, came donned in a mask and gloves in his hands, to pick my order. 

While previously I would be handed a physical menu to check, this time round I had to download a QR scanner and check out my meal from the QR code menu. 

This menu connected me to the restaurant’s URL, which has an already published mobile-optimised menu I can always check even when at home. This reduces chances of touch associated with paper menu.

Precautionary measures

On the menu, my attention is drawn to prawn piriri paired with any glass of wine that I choose.

There is also Thai curry, a meal that I had once eaten during a chitchat with a friend at the restaurant. 

There is also meat up, a platter that comprises of beef ribs, pork ribs and sausages served with fries.

Their pork ribs are flavourful and tender. They are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, chilli, lemon grass, orange, oriental glaze and mostly served with mashed potatoes as starch and mixed veggies as vitamins.

 I opted for ndogondogo, which is a whole spring chicken marinated with ginger, garlic, soy, and lime juice served with fries. I knew my heart would be content if I just had fries in the diet.

I am a poor and slow eater hence anywhere I go, I always ensure that I have fries or any fried potatoes in the diet. I love fries.

One of their chefs, chef Rabai, came in to check whether I was having a pleasant experience and whether all was well with the meal.

It was evident from her eyes she was delighted to return to work after months of being away.

In the kitchen, the hotel has ensured social distancing is maintained and there are high levels of hygiene too with every supply being sanitised at the receiving station for safety purposes.

The staff have also had to undergo Covid -9 tests and received training on safety precautions. 

I loved the fact that the restaurant had Wi-fi, making it possible for me to catch up with my deadlines while enjoying my food.

I ordered their juicy burger with some fries as well and I regretted why I didn’t opt to have two as medium done meat burger was huge and tasty. 

During my prolonged stay at home, I tried to make burgers, but they still didn’t match the taste of this one.

Once I was done, I paid via Mpesa as they have adapted a cashless mode of payment in line with the Covid-19 regulations.