Governor urges water firm staff to be proactive in cutting losses

Friday, November 24th, 2023 07:40 | By
Governor urges water firm staff to be proactive in cutting losses

Kwale Water and Sewerage Company  (Kwawasco) employees have been told to be on the lookout for illegal connections and water spilling from bursts that make the company run at a loss.

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani said the company is losing money each month due to illegal connections and water spilling from pipe bursts that take long to be repaired.

“It is your work to go to the grassroots and repair broken pipes that cause water to spill and even disconnect the illegal connections that are too many in the villages, these two things are making the company run at a loss,” she said.

Achani was speaking yesterday at Kwawasco during the commissioning of a new office, water laboratory and several ablution blocks for the public that was sponsored by world bank through the county government.

She also said illegal water connections have become too many in the villages because the staff don’t do regular check.

Increasing revenue

“This is business Kwawasco is doing and as business man/woman they should always be keen on things that bring a loss and improve on them. Therefore, go and rectify those two things I have told you at the grassroots and you will see the monthly revenue increasing,” Achani insisted.

She also noted that they have started a dialogue with Coast Water Board on the challenges they had with Kwawasco which even affected supply of water in Kwale.

“There were several challenges between Kwawasco and Coast Water Board but I have intervened and I will make sure that the matters are well resolved and water be supplied in the whole of Kwale County from Mackinon road, to vanga and to Ng’ombeni each local must get adequate water,” Achani added.

Achani added that the payment and billing hiccups that coast water had issued to Kwawasco will be resolved for supply of water to be smooth. However Kwawasco Managing Director Eric Parmet also added that the ablution blocks will be managed by women groups that will be selected as an empowerment business program to improve livelihood.

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