Huawei calls on tech firms to help in fighting Covid-19

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 11:20 | By
Kenya Ministry of Health officials in a video conference with China Health officials on Coronavirus Pandemic using equipment supported by Huawei.

Huawei's president of Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Peng Song has called on Information and Technology companies to stay together in rolling out the fifth-generation (5G) network and fighting Covid-19.

Mr. Peng was speaking in a 5G online summit in Shenzen China on April 30. In the summit, Huawei reinstated the importance of technology in fighting Covid-19.

"This year, global digital transformation will accelerate, meaning both opportunities and challenges for telecom operators and industries. To address these opportunities and challenges, operators must aim for more resilient, automated, and intelligent target networks, and their annual network plans and activities should be geared towards achieving these goals" said Peng

Seeing that rolling the 5G comes at a time of global health pandemic, Covid-19, he said the new technology should help deliver medical resources quickly and efficiently.

“5G provides us a more flexible option and faster connection to get you online. (It) allows us to make full use of experts and medical resources in different regions. 5G+ and AI enable the application of drones and robots to reduce the workload of doctors and nurses,” he added.

Also in the event, Huawei released 'Technology against Pandemic: Insights and Practice on Telecom Networks', a white paper on the role of telecommunication technology in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

In China ambulances fitted with 5G enabled communication technology have enabled nurses to tend to Covid-19 patients aiding in treatment.

Huawei noted technology has been a critical tool in fighting Covid-19 in many parts of the world. In Africa for instance, Global Epidemic Prevention Platform(GEPP) released by Korea Telecom at the end of 2019 is helping to track and trace people who came into contact with a carrier of the coronavirus.

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