Huawei taps 55 women in technology training

Monday, April 12th, 2021 00:00 | By
Women in technology Huawei (With) partnered with Digitrack for a training session in Gaba Tula, Isiolo

55 female trainees have graduated from a four-day soft skills training offered by the Digitruck, in partnership with Women in Technology Huawei (WITH) in Garba Tula, Isiolo County.

 This is part of the program’s women’s history month initiative to empower women through training.

These trainees are part of the 150 young community health volunteers who will be receiving digital skills training over the course of the next one month.

Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs CAS Nadia Abdallah lauded Huawei’s efforts in bridging the digital divide through provision of digital literacy training to the disadvantaged.

“Technology plays an integral part of our everyday life and also facilitates implementation of applications and solutions that continue to improve the quality of life and reduce equality gaps both locally, and across the globe,” she said.

Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Stephen Nyakundi commended Huawei for having the Digitruck at the county, adding that through the skills acquired, the community would gain by having its beneficiaries create employment opportunities. 

WITH director, Maureen Mwaniki, said that an increase in the number of women being empowered with digital and soft skills will yield greater opportunities for them in the digital world.

She added that, this being the first ever graduation held solely for women only, shows Huawei’s efforts in empowering women from disadvantaged communities with the knowledge that they can access the world from the comfort of their homes.

The Huawei Digitruck seeks to address this gap by making digital skills accessible to those in need, thereby exposing them to the various opportunities that technology presents.

The women in Technology Huawei program, launched in 2019, aims to directly empower, connect and support over 4000 girls and women in STEM by 2022 through mentorship and training.

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