Makupa: KeNHA hints at possible disruptions

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 00:00 | By
KeNHA roads. PHOTO/File
KeNHA roads. PHOTO/File

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has hinted that movement  in and out of Mombasa will soon be disrupted to pave way for the construction work of the Sh4.5 billion Makupa Causeway Bridge.

Charles Njogu, assistant director corporate communication at KeNHA  said yesterday that motorists will be diverted to use a lane adjacent to the proposed construction site, but the agency says traffic will be managed smoothly.

Traffic diversions

He said although various options for traffic diversions have been tabled by different parties of interest, the most viable option has been identified to be a proposed diversion adjacent to the proposed construction site.

The agency, Njogu said is contemplating utilising land facilities adjacent to the bridge to construct two more lanes to ensure seamless flow of traffic.

“KeNHA has therefore reached out to its partners to explore the possibility of utilising the adjacent land facilities, where it proposes in the interim to construct two additional lanes for use by motorists to ensure seamless flow of traffic into and out of Mombasa,”said Njogu.

Yesterday, KeNHA assured all stakeholders and motorists that even though the contractor is on site undertaking preliminary works, traffic flow at the section will remain uninterrupted until a solution is implemented.

“KeNHA further wishes to re-assure motorists that any information on any traffic diversion shall only be disbursed through the office of the Director General, information which shall be notified and circulated in public media in advance to avoid inconveniencing motorists and stakeholders,” Njogu added.

Makupa causeway has been a death trap for motorists and pedestrians as it crosses the Indian Ocean.

The Makupa causeway is under government construction to erect a bridge that when completed will ease movement of vehicles coming in and out of Mombasa.  

The Makupa courseway Bridge will offer a seamless flow of traffic in and out of Mombasa Island. The project was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2020.

 The famous Makupa course will be replaced by a 450m long Makupa bridge.

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