Nairobi bourse mulls incentives to push for more listings

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 11:08 | By
Mbithe Muema, Chief Business Officer
Mbithe Muema, Chief Business Officer. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is seeking to incentivise new companies listing at the bourse as they strive to cope with global economic shocks. 

Mbithe Muema, Chief Business Officer at the bourse said two listings are expected in the near future with one raising debt and another raising equity as they look to incorporate more family owned businesses.

“To incentivise investors to participate in day trading, NSE board extended a discount of five per cent on the fees. Therefore, it is less expensive to engage in day trading activity,” he added. 

Muema spoke when a new report is warning that the current sanctions imposed on Russia will have a major impact on global macros mainly exchange rates, supply chains, inflation and the capital markets. The latest report by the bourse shows that the Russian war and the forthcoming general elections has sent jitters among investors leading to a decline in uptake of some of its products.  

According to NSE,  market has demonstrated resilience in its ability to recover, especially during electioneering seasons. 

Despite the rise in dollar against shilling spelling bad news to local investors, Geofrey Odundo, NSE Chief Executive said that it is a blessing in disguise to foreign investors. 

“What the rise in dollar implicates is that foreign investors can invest more locally since their investment will translate to more investments in local denominations,” he added.

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