Normalcy to return in petrol stations in 72 hours – Govt

Saturday, April 16th, 2022 02:49 | By
Monica Juma
Energy and Petroleum CS Dr Monica Juma. PHOTO/ COURTESY

The government has promised that the fuel crisis being experienced in the country will be over in 72 hours, ending weeks of fuel shortage in the country.

Speaking on Thursday, April 14, 2022, Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Dr Monica Juma said that the shortage had been artificially created by some oil marketers who were hoarding fuel.

"I believe that in the next 72 hours we should have returned to the normal supply and demand cycle. I can confirm Kenya has adequate stock and some players are hoarding product on speculation ahead of price reviews. Some players have been diverting cargo to the export markets," Dr Juma said.

"We have decided as government (that) this is not an acceptable situation and Kenyans should not be subjected to this situation. This situation equates to deliberate efforts to sabotage this economy which is a capital crime."

The CS said that the government is already pursuing oil marketers who had caused the fuel shortage, and at the same time rewarding those who continued to sell fuel to Kenyans. She also asked all fueling stations to operate on a 24-hour basis.

"The government will not tolerate any entity that is causing artificial distress. Any entity that is not ready to work within the laws of Kenya they are invited to leave the market. The Ministry has sanctioned a process of reallocating the petroleum import capacity, the oil marketing companies that sold above their capacity will benefit from additional capacity while those who sold less will be allocated less fuel," she said.

Dr Juma also said that the government will allow the movement of fuel tankers on a privileged basis for the next 72 hours to stabilise supply across the country.

Marketers that sold fuel to Kenyans at hiked prices during the stress period have been issued with show-cause letters by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

At the same time, Dr Juma confirmed that Rubis managing director Jean-Christian Bergeron had been deported from the country on Wednesday night over economic sabotage.

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