New technologies rise for interior designers

By Milliam Murigi
Friday, December 6th, 2019
Albert Karachi, Director, Silk Plaster Kenya. Photo/PD/JOHN OCHIENG

A research report, ‘Global Wall Market 2019’, says the wall décor market will grow big in the next 10 years, mainly due to rising demand in the office and home spaces

Wall art, picture frames, wall clock, wallpapers and other decorative accents have been here for long.

However, new technologies are coming up owing to increasing demand for wall décor products from residential and commercial sectors.

Wall décor includes decoration of walls using decorative frames and murals to change the outlook of households or offices.

Global wall décor market is estimated to witness substantial growth owing to increasing inclination towards creating aesthetic looks in households and offices.

One of such technologies is silk plaster from Silk Plaster Kenya, a unique interior design product for walls and ceilings.

This is the ideal alternative to painting or covering your walls with wallpaper. It is made from 100 per cent natural components and comes in a variety of colours and textures to give a seamless designer finish.

The grain and silky components help create high impact finishes to give spaces a beautiful appearance and unique feel.

Made from natural products such as textile and cotton fibre, decorative mineral additives and adhesive glue, the product is not only a long lasting decorative material, but also eco-friendly and affordable.

“New technologies are influencing modern interior decorations, offering exciting and unusual contemporary wall art ideas,” said Albert Karachi, Director at Silk Plaster Kenya.

A research report on Global Wall Market 2019 shows that wall décor market will grow with a significant Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2019 to 2028.

This is because of increasing demand for wall décor in the construction sector especially with corporates, which offer furnished and ready-to-live households.

Karachi says when the company opened its doors in Kenya last year, they hardly made any sales. After they started exhibiting the product to the public, they registered sales and demand is growing.

The product is not only used in residential homes but has several commercial applications such as in restaurants, bars, salons and spas.

A growing trend for interior designs in homes and offices is also being witnessed in the Kenyan market.

 “Because of this, most people are looking for the latest technologies. Our aim is to make this product known countrywide because currently, too few know about it, yet it is environmentally friendly as well removable,” Karachi said in an interview in his office. 

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 He says consumer spending on home improvement, interior designs and décor products has increased.

However, there is need for behaviour change since most Kenyans believe that such technologies are for the rich despite most new products being cheaper than substitutes in the market. 

Karachi says Silk Plaster is 100 per cent natural, with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and hypoallergenic properties.

Silk plaster wall covering is a simple and cost-effective way to add flavour and style.

“The product is flexible, with additional acoustic and thermal insulation properties and offers some benefits that cannot be attributed to paint, plaster, and acrylic render,” says Karachi.   

Silk plaster is not the only new technology in the Kenyan market, which is set to redefine the interior design sectors.

Others include: Aura Frames, which uses Wi-Fi to connect to an app, allowing you to control your photo gallery right from your phone. 

The frame doesn’t have a memory stick, meaning you are able to display an unlimited number of photos on an ultra-HD resolution.

The stylish frame can be set to display one photo, do a slideshow, or even display photos from friends and family in other parts of the world.

Others are digital prints and modern wallpaper made using digital printing technology and 3D wall art.