Ten ISP c*mpanies deepening internet connectivity in Kenya

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Kenya’s technology and internet space are growing very fast amid even faster connectivity rates which have made the sector essential for use at home and work. With the right Internet Service Provider (ISP), most needs can now be achieved effortlessly making connectivity the mainstay of profit for the internet firms. Below are 10 service providers running the show in Kenya.


Zuku is among the pioneer brands in the country and operates under Wananchi Group offering an array of services in television and the internet.

Zuku has a market share of about 50 per cent in fibre home Internet connection with speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

Zuku offers several packages to its clients with a range of pricing beginning at Sh2,499 for 10Mbps to Sh4,999 for 60 Mbps.

The firm also offers personalized plans according to the underlying needs. Notably, internet plans offered at Zuku are mostly unlimited.


This internet brand operates under Jamii Telcom and offers connectivity to businesses mostly in Nairobi and is highly limited to select locations within the city.

It was the first provider to deploy a 700megahartz mobile network in Kenya.

Faiba is also one of the most popular broadband services providers, especially among the middle class. Data bundles run from as low as Sh50 to Sh6,000 from 1GB to 210GB.

Safaricom Home

This brand by Safaricom has one of the largest coverage depths in Kenya. Safaricom’s internet speeds are among the fastest with 5Mbps going for Sh2,900 and 40 Mbps at Sh12,499 for 30 days.

The company has four segments or categories that cater for home and business needs with Bronze being the lowest cost, silver moderate cost, gold being high and diamond which offer the quickest MBPS being the most costly.


Airtel’s smart home connects to a home wireless router which serves up to 8 users with the 4G SmartBox Router going at Sh7,499.

Airtel office wireless routers connect up to 35 users at a go. The 4G SmartBox offers customers Lightning fast 4G internet speeds for home and office use.

The Router is a plug and play device that allows connectivity of up to 32 devices at once in the same locality, yet small enough to be fixed in your home or business.

The 4G SmartBox comes with Free Sim-card and a free 25GB data bundle.


Telkom offers various unlimited internet plans with specified data caps specified under fair usage policy (FUP).

A case in point of a capped plan is a weekly subscription of 10GB at Sh1000. Upon exhaustion, the user is still allowed to browse the internet at a restricted speed of 256 Kbps.

For Sh3000, you can get 30 GB data cap valid for one month. Existing customers on hometalk can subscribe to the new bundles; however, to experience superfast 4G internet speeds the customers’ needs to purchase a 4G router.

Poa Internet

This internet provider offers home broadband connections with speeds of up to 4mbps with a monthly fee of only Sh1,500 per month.

With Sh 1500, one can get unlimited data usage – no data caps with speeds of up to 4Mbps per month.

For an Sh7500 one-time connection fee, free access to over 13,000 is ideal for public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The internet company connects underserved communities of Africa improving lives through unlimited access to knowledge and opportunities.

Elink Networks

This firm delivers a high-quality internet network with high speeds for both upload and download, with outstanding reliability.

The firm offers an unlimited home internet connection from 7mbps to 15mbps.

Their minimum package is Sh2,499 per month for 8 Mbps for the residential internet service. Installation is free.

Skynet Broadband

Skynet offers high-speed internet service through VSAT, Fibre and WiMax with 100 per cent coverage throughout Kenya.

They offer up to 60 Mbps quality speeds on VSAT with pricing for different packages starting at Sh6,800.

This solution can also be used as a primary link for, or on occasional use as a backup solution for critical business applications.

Tabana Wireless

This ISP provider delivers fixed wireless and wifi cloud-based wireless RF networks, wifi offload, WLAN wifi wireless ethernet bridge, wireless LAN survey with wifi network bridge installation.

The company’s charges for various internet packages range from Sh800 for 1Mbps to Sh7,000 for 8 Mbps.

Hai Internet

Hai offers reliable internet connection at affordable prices that start from Sh2,874 and depend on the preferred internet plan.

It is owned by the Liquid Telkom company and has at least seven products under the brand targeting home users and business owners.

Its fibre infrastructure provides high-speed bandwidth and capacity, ensuring a seamless internet experience and reaching speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

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