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Govt bows to pressure, waives directive on inspection of imported medicines temporarily

The government has bowed to pressure and lifted a directive subjecting pharmaceutical products, especially medicines, to double regulation under the […]

Concern over rising mental illnesses in Kenya as medics turn to drugs and substance abuse

About 25 percent of Kenyans are suffering from different forms of mental illnesses according to a survey done by a […]

Eight common side effects of birth control

Many sexually active women use oral contraceptive, the hormonal pills are said to be dependable in prevention of unwanted pregnancies. […]

Even livestock are not spared from anti-microbial resistance

Christine Nderitu Sometime last year, I visited poultry farms in Bangladesh to learn production practices. Among the farms were those […]

Tim Kamau
How you can save someone from suicide

Should you observe a person close to you experiencing deep sadness that affects normal activity such as work, concentration, eating, […]