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How uncle Habakkuk is keeping up with pandemic

My increasingly popular uncle, Habakkuk Wachira Mugua Hari (literally he who falls where things are) is a troubled soul, what […]

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Letter to my employer on novel staff motivation ideas

Dear sir/madam, The salutation is referenced to both gender because I am not sure who will pass the buck to […]

Struggles of keeping my rickety jalopy on the road

Just over two decades ago, I bought my second car (do not ask what happened to my first) and it […]

Open letter to Mheshimiwa Johnstone Muthama

Hi pal, Greetings. And happy New Year. I know the year has aged considerably but that is beside the point. As […]

Judges gone wild! Weird rulings that left mouths agape…

Kenyans roast magistrate over weird cash bail payment method Next time you are arraigned and slapped with a huge bail, […]