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After a lot of pressure from Uncle Habakkuk spanning several months, I finally succumbed and agreed to take him on […]

Of Habakkuk legal prowess and what ails our Judiciary

As the dust settles, even literally, on the festivities and folks touted as legends have returned home after going missing […]

Letter to Kenya’s general without an army, Mr Miguna

Dear Comrade, I trust you are doing well, wherever you are, now that your location is another enigma.  But first […]

How I lost Sh200,000 to an ‘acquaintance’ of Magoha

MCA Gwinso An MCA drowning in a sea of unfulfilled promises clutches at any straws. You probably recall that recently, […]

Of Uncle Habakkuk visit and thought-provoking queries

The other day, I received a call from my famous uncle Habakkuk, informing me that instead of visiting him in […]