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MCA badly embarrasses our governor after budget cuts

MCA Gwinso Without doubt, our governor is popular on the ground but kwa County Assembly, vitu ni different’.  After the […]

Hilarity of village borrowing vs bloated State loans

As you know by now, my uncle Habbakuk is a shopkeeper. Or rather his wife, Honerea is. I know that […]

How Jubilee’s brilliant strategy won Kipchoge Ineos 1:59 record

There’s no other country I’d rather live in than Kenya. Seriously! This is the country that gave birth to Eliud […]

Caning could help restore order in national institutions

There is a man referred to as the Duke of Kabeteshire, otherwise going by the name of Charles Mugane Njonjo. […]

Colleague’s timely query that saved my team from defeat

I had always assumed ours was a united County Assembly  until the Speaker announced that we would soon have to […]