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Shitholes to freeze Trump assets as Mexico builds wall

Mambo Matata Shithole countries have warned embattled United States of America President Donald Trump that he risks stiff sanctions, if […]

Elders hike consultation fees, cite Corona and high operations costs

Politicians will now have to dig deeper into their deep pockets to procure the highly-sought-after services of the country’s venerable […]

Persian blue uniform will cure ills ailing police service

Mambo Matata Even as officers dismiss the new uniform as ugly, the government insists it is the most beautiful thing […]

Decades’ old tea and its magic on tough-talking learned friends

Mambo Matata After decades of turning their nose up at lowly tea, Kenyan lawyers have finally woken up and smelled, […]

My Huduma Day escape plans turn too dangerous, costly

I know the Division of Revenue bill has been signed, but for goodness sake, let the money come! Or else […]