Crisis looms at Portland as workers protest pay delays

Friday, May 20th, 2022 04:51 | By
East Africa Portland Cement Company (Eapcc)

Cash-trapped East Africa Portland Cement Company (Eapcc) workers are up in arms over unpaid salaries amid claims of intimidation by the cement maker’s management.

The workers say they have not received salaries for the last three months and have been warned against publicly highlighting the issue.

Workers who sort anonymity further say to report to work but no production has been going on for the last two months, adding that the cement clinker machine has stalled and its spare part is yet to be made available.

“We just report and go back home. In the last three months, we have not received any pay. When we complain our seniors warn us against protesting, saying we will be profiled and sacked. We are suffering,” said one of them. 

 Portland Cement began the process of selling its 745-acre land in December 2020 to avert the auctioneer hammer. 

However, despite getting approval from the board the sale has not yet been effected. Efforts to seek clarification on the issues from the managing director Oliver Kirumbai have been futile.

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