TikTok tops adspend on effectiveness

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Most companies globally plan to increase advertising spend on TikTok saying it is more effective than earlier thought, a new report says.

“Marketers are finding platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest to be far more effective for reaching business goals than they have in the past,” says a Hotsuite report titled Social Trends 2022.

Although marketers in the survey unsurprisingly ranked Facebook and Instagram as the most effective platforms overall, both networks saw significant decreases in perceived effectiveness when compared to last year.

In Kenya, advertising agencies say that since marketing budgets have not gone back to pre-Covid-19 days, they have to balance budgets and returns, while targeting the right audience.


“Tik Tok is a little more expensive and so in Kenya brands prefer to partner with influencers rather than directly.

I think Facebook still leads in Kenya with over 7 million monthly users,” said Brian Kuira, head of digital at Oxygen.

Brian says that Twitter is mostly used for awareness while Opera browser is also doing well with over 4.2 million users in Kenya making it quite an attractive option.

“We have to get what the clients want in terms of audience and their budget together with the agency returns and choose the appropriate channel,” said Brian. 

However, marketing agents at Netlit Digital Marketing consider Instagram their most preferred channel since it has the most purchases so far.

“On Instagram people tend to buy more compared to other channels, that is what we have observed over the years,” said David Mwambah of Netlit Digital.

Datahom says that Kenya had the highest TikTok downloads globally in the first quarter of the year, with an average growth of 68 per cent.

TikTok recorded the average time spent on the app at over four hours and monthly video views of over 2.1 billion in East Africa.

It is also the sixth-ranked social media app among Kenyans in the Google Play Store.

TikTok ranks sixth among apps for consumer spending worldwide behind Tinder, YouTube and Netflix.

Nendo, Nairobi based digital trends research firm attributes the app’s success to its ability to entice content creators from other apps with its novel features and a wider new audience.

A closer look at the data suggests marketers are beginning to find more success on other networks.

Social media preference

“The biggest jumps in perceived effectiveness belong to TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which all went from single to double digits.

TikTok rocketed from 3 per cent last year to 24 per cent this year—a 700 per cent increase,” says the report.

For those brands seeking to dabble in TikTok, Vivienne Ethangatta, Corporate Communications and Social Media Manager at Safaricom advises that they first gain an elaborate understanding of the platform.

Every platform has a unique audience and a unique way content is created. You must look at the audience first then tailor your content to their wants and needs,” she says.

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