Betty Bayo celebrates her ‘310’ estranged husband Pastor Kanyari

By Njange Maina
Sunday, June 21st, 2020
Betty Bayo and Victor Kanyari
In summary

Celebrated gospel musician Betty Bayo on Sunday sent a warm Father's Day message to her baby daddy Pastor Victor Kanyari.

Referring to him as '310 guy', the 11th Hour hitmaker said she was grateful that her two kids at least have a responsible father.

The musician said although Pastor Kanyari may not have been a great husband, at least he was a good dad.

"Happy fathers days to the father of my kids. You may not be a good husband but you are a good dad(sic)," she posted on her official Facebook page.

The musician acknowledged the four years of co-parenting.

She continued, "Unlike many men, you have never stalked me
or made my life miserable just because we parted ways. You have made co-parenting soo easy and fun. You are the least of my worries(sic)".

The award-winning singer also offered to sing for free at Pastor Kanyari's wedding as her Father's Day gift.

"The greatest gift I can offer on this Father's Day is to sing for free on your wedding day," she said.

Fans reacting to her post commended her for remembering her estranged husband.

A user @Kui said, 'He wasn't a bad husband until he was exposed. He is just a bad pastor, my sister go and continue enjoying'. The singer, however, responded that it is 'too late'.

Pastor Victor Kanyari came to the limelight in 2014 after he was exposed on TV staging fake miracles to his congregants. In his televised evangelisms, the clergy man always asked his congregants to send him Sh310 through Mpesa from where he derived the '310' name.