Meet Brian Lian Kamene aka Mchyna a fast-rising Kenyan fashion stylist and model

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 00:00 | 3 mins read
Brian Lian Kamene aka Mchyna a fast-rising Kenyan fashion stylist and model.

How did you find yourself in the fashion world?

Well, it began as a passion back in high school. I used to love watching models during photography sessions and I fell in love with the art.

Later on, I decided to do trials as a hobby and would pause for my Instagram posts and acquaintances.

In due time, I manoeuvred my way into the industry and made different connections.

I used to style myself personally then people started approaching me requesting for my help to style them and soon it became a whole hustle that has seen me work with diverse names and brands. 

Describe your style.

My style basically influenced by how I feel and mostly what’s happening around my life.

During cold seasons, I will restock my home closet with all types of warm clothing such as jackets, scarfs, socks and sweatpants.

I normally don’t consider everything that other people consider fashion as style. Style is what you are comfortable in as an individual. 

What keeps you going?

I would say it’s my mum. She is my champion because I have seen her spirit always enduring and never giving up even on the toughest of times.

She has struggled to bring my siblings and I up as a single mum. She is a force to reckon with. 

How do you keep yourself updated on new trends in fashion?

Through networking and being interactive with the world forms a connection that may as well be a vital source of information and data about trends in the fashion business as well as the whole fashion community at large. 

Tell us about your fashion business?

I sell jewellery, apparel clothing and shoes. I started the business recently just after Covid-19 hit the country, as an alternative source of income.

And to my surprise, it has picked up very well and has received positive response in the market.

This was such a milestone for me because it gave me the courage to be open-minded and try out new ventures.

Your best fashion brands are?

I have several favourites that I sell. For jeans and trousers Amiri and Palm Angels carry the day.

For eyewear, I would go for Dior or Cartier, while for T-shirts I would choose Vlone Palm Angels. Nike and Adidas are my any day go-to shoe brands. 

What are some of the drawbacks you face in your field?

One challenge is variation in the country’s economy, which is a direct hit on businesses.

Another challenge is high tax rates when shipping merchandise from abroad.

Another challenge is that some of these online sellers are scammers who swindle people off their money, which ends up making consumers lose trust with suppliers. 

Your take on men with aspirations to venture into modelling…

Modelling is a good career if you have a well laid out strategy. You slowly build the career bit by bit and no matter how long it seems to take, eventually all will fall into place.

If someone has a passion for modelling, all the better. There is no limit to modelling in terms of age, race, height, or gender.

Which fashionista do you admire most?

Locally, I would mention several stylists such as Bigting Ap, Makoteko, Lotens, and Internationally, I like Luka Sabbat, Beyonce and Rihanna. 

What are your future plans for your styling and modelling careers?

I am looking forward to building a brand and an empire. I have an upcoming project to start an advertising and modelling agency.

This might take a while, but I will focus on the light at the end of the tunnel or as they say, tunnel vision.