One on one with Micharazo Geng Geng

By People Reporter
Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
In summary

What inspired you to come together as a group?

We don't consider ourselves a group but friends who came together to do music. One of the members called Mungatana was recording a song in the studio then one of us Pispa di Man wanted to hop on the track and we found ourselves as a group.

Our manager's company K-Sons Empire then came up with the name Micharazo Geng Geng.

What inspired you to come up with your new song Mandom?

This song is a vivid expression of ghetto life that's why it is called party ya mandom.

The song is a bit controversial are you scared that it is going to be pulled down?

We are not afraid because this is the reality on the ground as much as politicians are trying to hide it.

How many members is the group comprised of and who are they?

The group is comprised of five members namely Pispa di Man, Mungatana, Tash, Alkajino and Kharizzler.

When recording who do you decide sings which part?

In every project that we are doing, we contribute equally.

Majority of your songs are gengetone are you looking to do other genres and expand your fanbase?

For now we are going with the flow and yes soon we are expanding our fanbase cause we have gengetone songs, afro pop songs and we also do reggae dancehall music. We are all flexible and diverse.

How do you organize yourselves in the studio?

We sit together, we meditate and any one who comes up with an idea we welcome it.We give each other time to write our own lyrics then we all decide which parts we are going to put in the song according to the flow and message of the song.

What are some of the challenges you've faced so far as a group?

We need money to get money in this industry and sometimes we have financial constraints

What advise do you have for people who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself and work hard.

How can your fans reach you?

We are on Facebook Instagram and Twitter @Micharazo Geng Geng
Or you can Email [email protected] [email protected]