Podcast content creators had to re-evaluate content production methodologies

By Jackson Onyango
Monday, January 25th, 2021
Dora Obwaka with John Telewa on Kisscapades podcast.
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Last year was a turbulent year that caused every other economic sector a lot of pain and hardships. During the coronavirus period, podcast content creators had to re-evaluate their content production methodologies. And as Jackson Onyango writes, there are podcasts that have been critical in making the stay-at-home period bearable.

Kisscapades Podcast

Charismatic podcaster John Telewa barely took a break when lockdown regulations were announced earlier last year.

A master of multitasking himself, he concentrated on other endeavours such as managing popular dancing Ghanaian pallbearers Benjamin Aidoo and company.

Meanwhile, his podcast Kisscapades shifted to a virtual setting where he spoke to different personalities from Kenya and beyond, focusing on the topics around their health (mental, physical and financial) as well as coping mechanisms of the pandemic.

Once the government eased the laws barring big gatherings, John resumed filming, with Kisscapades choosing to focus on four pillars John describes as the ‘21st Century life essentials’; health, wealth, love and happiness. It was a well-rounded series of business and socio-political theories.

Rieng Radio

In a visual presentation fashion, radio presenters Kartelo and Peter Miracle Baby teamed up to give entertainment with their staunch anti-English Rieng Radio podcast.

In the proceedings, they introduced their listeners to cartoon-esque character called Modesto.

Filled with laughter, hilarious stories, and ubiquitous perspective, the hosts’ youthful show was one of the highlights of content production.

Their spin to a podcast left nothing on the table as they tackled all sorts of topics that are to do with inner-city youth’s experiences, having uncontained fun at it confronting topic after another with no filter or bias.

A clear Sheng lesson for many netizens, the duo’s roasts about English and soft life are contagiously comedic.

The bond between the hosts was a great treat to see them bring cheers to the hearts of many people.

That Show Without A Name

In class and taste, Edith Kimani’s podcast was a marvel. Bringing different guests from her entertainment industry friends, the likes of Bien from Sauti Sol to Fena Gitu, there was a warmth in their conversations that allowed us to see these celebrities in a light we rarely see them.

Had anyone other than the accomplished news anchor Edith even attempted this, it probably would have bitten the dust, or just not packed the same punch.

Edith’s interviewing virtuoso, at the same time, chilled and nonchalant vibe was a pleasure to devour as she got so much juice from whoever she sat down with, including Benzema.

She possesses the art to convert introverts to extroverts, and it was worth paying for watching a master at work.

16 Bars

The show by Germany-based Kenyan beauty Steph Always held it down as per usual not letting pandemic hindrances come in between her and her work.

The pandemic wasn’t really a blessing in disguise for her per se, based on how high she sets the bar with high calibre podcasts with elite guests.

Interviews with the world’s biggest artistes in popular culture is her forte and she cemented the same with shows featuring City Girls, Iann Dior, Headie One, Dutchavelli, Jack Harlow and Octavian among others, through Zoom calls and other platforms just to give fans some down-time with their favourite stars.

Delving deep into their minds, lyrics, and keeping it light hearted at times despite the weight of issues many of us were dealing with, turned into a specialty for her on her podcast right before our eyes.

In Conversation

Chaxy is one of the most sought after podcasters of the pandemic period. Chaxy, not a stranger to the podcasting arena, started off the pandemic with a show called Looud where he invited artistes to make cocktails with him.

Prior to the same, he had been deep in podcasting art for two years with his Just Kidding podcast where he made a name for himself co-hosting with urban mugithi artiste Ayrosh.

Currently, he has charted into a different territory moving on to a full-blown produced and branded show called In Conversation.

Supported by Upsyd Digital Networks, the show leverages Chaxy’s relationship with celebrities and showbiz stakeholders to speak on different subjects they wouldn’t regularly talk to with anyone about.

The Mics Are Open 

The podcast is hosted by radio guru G-Money and long time nemesis Calvin Wanguku.

The two are witty, charming, and address the most masculine of masculine topics on issues that affect men on daily basis besides sports, current affairs, and culture.

It’s always an interesting chunk of hours peeking into the world of the guy code, as these two bachelors break down how men are sarcastically the best thing to happen in the universe.

Legally Clueless 

Adelle Onyango’s Legally Clueless is probably the most intrinsic programme on the land. It shoots straight for the soul with the messaging, guests, and gems hidden within the one to two hours spent on air.

It encapsulates intellect, vulnerability, fearlessness, and honesty peeling layers off as they skin through the show.

If you can’t take truth to the chin, do not tune in because this show can ride straight into the grimmest moments of life in the blink of an eye.

In May, 2020, Legally Clueless partnered with Trace FM to become the first syndicated podcast in the region.

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