Sh170m bugatti car excites netizens

By Njange Maina
Wednesday, February 26th, 2020
A prototype of a Bugatti car (Veyron)

Zambians on Twitter were on Monday treated to a rare sight of a Bugatti car flown into the country through the Lusaka International Airport.

According to BBC, a typical bugatti costs an equivalent of between Sh170-300 (million).

The car being off-loaded. PHOTO/TWITTER

A social media user, Kalenga Kamwendo sparked the debate when he posted the luxurious car as it was being off-loaded from an Emirates cargo plane.

Kalenga, who bears a profile of a commercial pilot initiated a Twitter conversation that drew over 1800 users.

In replies, most people commented on the 'poor state' of Zambian roads and wondered how the luxurious vehicle would be driven.

The Bugatti spotted on Zambian road, PHOTO/TWITTER

Other users wondered where the owner would get spare parts for the car.

Dimple Caramel a tweep to Kalenga asked: "What of the spare parta?"

Zambian custom officials, however, declined to name the owner of the top of range vehicle but confirmed that it was cleared of duties.

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