Up-close and candid with fashion enthusiast Brian Msafiri

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
Brian Msafiri is a cultural savant.

Brian Msafiri is a cultural savant. The Guinness Smooth brand ambassador is eclectically gifted in arts, including creative production and directing, fashion, photography, emceeing, artiste liaison and a crafty dresser. Jackson Onyango picks his mind on his stylistic interests

What is style to you?

A form of identity and expression; a step closer to who you’d like to be, but not further from who your ancestors were. 

How did you morph into being a stylist?

My friends and I used to be so competitive when it came to fashion, so out dressing each other always brought out the best in us.

Also, shopping for clothes was so easy at the time. And if my dad looked at me in a certain way, I knew I looked good. Ha-ha.

Would you say your style has evolved over time?

I don’t really think about it as much, but it’s always about how I feel or fashion items I’m drawn to.

I have a habit of hoarding clothes and wearing them months later. So, it’s also just about what I haven’t worn or what I like to give away.

What’s the most cringeworthy thing you’ve done during work?

Well, being underdressed as the stylist and still have people to trust my work.

Currently, do you have a fashion obsession?

I do. Jordans! I have never been that much of a sneaker-head, but even as we talk now, I have just ordered more Jordans. Crazy, yeah?

What’s the most sentimental item in your wardrobe?

I don’t have any really. I rarely get gifts, but I love my eyewear.

And what’s your fashion pet peeve?

Wearing the wrong denim, or tight clothes on guys.

Do you prefer being in front or behind the camera?

Both. I’m easy to photograph, but harder to work with, because when I’m on set, the vision always needs to come out right, it’s just better that way.

Who are your off-the-top muses?

Urban Pichaz. These guys are incredible when it comes to fashion.