Campus life toughens the skin

Monday, March 7th, 2022 00:59 | By
University of Nairobi. Photo/PD/GERALD ITHANA

We all are aware of the famous sentence “unasoma uende wapi?” And true to that, most of us studied so hard so we could make it to campo—a place described by our predecessors as heaven on earth. What they never told us is that in campus, it’s everybody for themselves and God for us all.

Well, campo life is a different experience from the picture we had visualised in our minds. In for a rude shock, a naive personality, fresh from a village high school, gets admitted to a campus many miles away from home after spending all their years right from infancy to adulthood in the same environment with the same playmates and same village activities.No other exposure.

The hustles and bustles start once they get to the different environment and are forced to change their lifestyle, as they try to fit in. Eventually, many of the comrades tend to fall under that part of adulthood; they term it as a scam.

It is undeniable that in uni there is a lot of freedom and it depends on how you are going to make use of the freedoms, because freedom exaggerated or misused turns to be chaotic. Having to juggle between academics and life away from school is one underrated responsibility. You know the situation of having to balance the normal comrades’ weekend fun and the all-time demanding units and projects, yeah. One step missed you’re out for one academic year or even total termination of the studies. In a nutshell, it’s never easy.

First, you have to share hostel rooms. Having to live with somebody who you have met for the first time in campus is quite a task. A total stranger, but basically having to share the same room without having a grace period of knowing each other well. A great kind of tolerance is required. For those that are lucky enough to get cooperative roomies, the cost of living becomes easier.

Just to mention, the shift of the name comrade to an alumnus after graduation is the favourite part in their lives. This is the time a comrade gets to unwind before the reality of tarmacking hits in. There comes a time when oversleeping at your parents house becomes an offense. After milking them of every coin they had while schooling, their expectations are that after graduation, the learned fellow will get a job and start paying them back what they sowed.

How comrades still manage to come out of campus successful is a motivational tool that keeps them going on with life even after campus. Indeed, what that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that is definitely the life in the Uni.

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