Male MPs demand Judiciary dissolution over gender rule

Monday, May 31st, 2021 00:00 | By

Mambo Matata

Alarmed by what they say is systematic emasculation of the 2010 Constitution by sinister forces, male MPs have written an advisory to the President to dissolve the Judiciary for failing to abide by the two-thirds gender rule.

The MPs say the current composition of the Judiciary is also a violation of Kenya’s and Africa’s cherished cultural traditions, a situation they blame on foreign ideologies which must be resisted at all cost.

In their petition to the President, the MPs have the support of the Maendelo Ya Wanaume organisation, the notorious Men’s Conference and the Stingy Men Association.

“As you are aware, it is a blatant violation of the Constitution for one arm of government to be led by persons of the same gender.

You cannot have the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice, the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Registrar of the Judiciary all belonging to the same gender,” said an impeachable source that is familiar with the contents of the petition.

According to the source, the MPs are asking the President to dissolve the Judiciary, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and send home all judges and magistrates and reconstitute it afresh in line with constitutional provisions and African traditions.

“In the interim, justice will be dispensed by the country’s respected council of elders and highly effective street mobs that have been doing a commendable job even in the presence of the courts,” the petition to the President recommends.

The male MPs argue that if the Judiciary is allowed to operate in its current state, other arms of government will soon follow suit and disobey the gender rule, leading to anarchy.

“As the interpreters of the Constitution and the custodians of our justice system, the Judiciary should, like Caesar’s wife, be above suspicion.

It should lead by example instead of setting dangerous precedents for other arms of government,” the MPs in their petition.

Maendeleo ya Wanaume spokesman Shaw Vinist suggested that to ensure men have fair representation in the corridors of justice, there is need for affirmative action in the hiring of magistrates, judges, supreme court justices and members of the JSC.

Entry points for male students who want to study law at the university  or join law school after graduation should also be reduced significantly.

“It is obvious that for many years, some evil forces have been edging men out of the corridors of justice.

What happened at the Supreme Court was the culmination of that malevolent scheme.

To right this past injustices, we need affirmative action to bring men at par with women at the Bench,” said the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume spokesman, adding that more male children should be encouraged to study law.

He added that it was wrong to populate the top positions of the Judiciary with women considering that men are by far the biggest users of court services.

“Just count the number of male defendants on any given day at any court and you’ll understand what I am taking about. Korti ni zetu (the courts are ours) and we have the right to man them,” he said.

Elsewhere, a group calling itself Defenders of Glass Ceilings have demanded the arrest and prosecution of new Chief Justice Martha Koome for breaking a glass ceiling.

The lobby group say glass ceilings are an endangered species and a national treasure and should be jealously protected by all.

“Glass ceilings are up there with the Northern white rhino and Yaaku language on the list of endangered treasures and we cannot just sit back and watch any more of them being broken,” the organisation said in a statement.

By press time, the members of the group were frantically erecting a human shield to protect the presidential glass ceiling from being broken. - [email protected]

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