Meet rising rap and gengetone star Odi Wabondo

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 00:00 | By
Odi Wabondo.

When and how did you develop love for music?  

Well, it all started in 2010, but professionally, I recorded my first song in 2020 titled Rombosa.

Why it took a whole decade to launch my music career is because I started out as a comedian then a dancer and hypeman, roles that played a big part in growing my career as a musician.

I started dancing in 2010 and usually hung out with fellow musicians and at the same time, doubled it up with comedy.

I decided to concentrate more on music and dropped the comedy in 2011.  

Why did you decide to do rap and gengetone? 

You know, music is an aspect of art that connects emotions to real situations. For me, I found rap as a genre that communicates a lot, both artistically and somehow poetically.

On the other hand, I am a party addict and gengetone resonates really well with the young music fans, so I chose to mix both.

Where do you draw your inspiration? 

My family really supports me, especially my mum. She’s my biggest supporter; she is the one who has believed and stood with me all this time.

At times, she was hesitant, but now she has always given me the opportunity to explore my talent.

Also, my manager Joclin Management for his insistence when it comes to brand marketing and digital distribution.

At first, I used to hate the manager, because I thought he was giving me unnecessary pressure, but when we did the first song, it changed my perspective about him.  

Who is your role model?  

Locally, it is Henry Ohanga aka Octopizzo, while internationally is Cameron Jibril Thomaz alias Wiz Khalifa.

For Khalifa, some of his songs that I do love, include See You Again, Young, Wild and Free, Black and Yellow, Sucker for Pain and Shell Shocked.

For Octopizzo, I love some of his songs, including Swag ft Amina, Ivo Ivo Ivo and Pockets.  

What challenges do you go through and how do you deal with them?  

My biggest challenge currently as a musician is airplay. I would really love to hear my music being played on major mainstream media platforms here in Kenya and beyond, and also entertainment investors to offer me brand endorsements.  

How many albums have you done so far?  

I have done two albums, but only one titled Genge Ya Ghetto has been released so far.

The other one is still in the studio being given the last touches and could be released before this year ends.

My latest single is called Leta Pesa, but I would really love to work with Octopizzo; I love his style of execution and literacy in poetry.

But I have already done several collaborations that will be featured on my second album. 

Your last word?

Being an artiste comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be disciplined because you are seen as the mirror of the society.

For these reasons, I appreciate all the effort from my team and those who have taken their time to make me reach where I am today.

I really appreciate everyone who has gone out of their way to ensure that I am progressing.

Some of them, include MC Nick The Trend, Studio Forty, Syphony Media and my marketing strategists Joclin Music Promoters

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