Exodus to Kenya Kwanza not healthy for democracy

Thursday, September 15th, 2022 01:22 | By
James Ongwae joins Kenya Kwanza Alliance
Former Kisii County Governor James Ongwae received to Kenya Kwanza by President-elect William Ruto. PHOTO/Courtesy

The elections are over and behind us now. But the business of distributing and allocating resources begins.

Reality is still sinking for many Kenyans but there are many who are now looking at what economist call the opportunity cost, that is, that which we have foregone in electing Kenya Kwanza.

We have foregone “Babacare” that had both free and universal health care and Sh6,000 social security funds. We have foregone an array of social justice and grand investment in each and every county in the manufacturing sector.

These are things that most Kenyans who bought into the Azimio ten-point agenda were looking forward to as a harbinger to dignified way of living for all. Most are now reeling from that feeling of “it was good while we waited.”

However, for most of these folks there is another ray of hope in what the Kenya Kwanza coalition promised. Because Kenya Kwanza has formed the government, everyone is now looking keenly at their promises or what they called “the plan”.

An array of goodies are in the plan, among them is the 50 billion hustler fund and the growth of the economy from the bottom which, to many of us, means the common citizenry will have a business friendly and viable environment that will enable them afford good healthcare and a decent and dignified life.

You see, for all of us now, especially Kenya Kwanza supporters, it will not just be the feeling of “it was good while we waited.” William Ruto is the President and we are here to witness the promised hustler revolution that will shake our economy from the bottom and take us all up.

There is no waiting, only huge expectations and with the huge expectations from this government we hope we will not experience post-victory disillusionment which is worse than waiting for a leadership that does not happen.

Already, we have a bad signs of leaders making a beeline for the government side instead positioning themselves as custodians of the peoples’ aspirations and working to ensure that the government delivers on its promises.

You see, not all politicians need to be in government to have a stake in the country. Just like we don’t have to have voted for Kenya Kwanza and UDA to demand that the government delivers on its campaign agenda.

The idea that being “outside” government is synonymous with being out there in the cold is retrogressive and is anathema to our democratic principles.

A big problem that the outgoing administration faced was that there was no official opposition. Ironically, opposition later came from within. It was not healthy because it was meant to cripple government and not offer constructive criticism.

BBI would have provided for an official Opposition. However, it is interesting that the people who opposed BBI have now captured power and are the ones leading the onslaught against the Opposition with the hope that there can be no critical alternative thought or criticism.

— The writer is a lecturer at Graduate School of Media and Communications,  Aga Khan University

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