Give Kenya Kwanza team time to deliver on election pledges

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Give Kenya Kwanza team time to deliver on election pledges
President William Ruto during Kenya Kwanza's manifesto launch PHOTO/Courtesy

As is the case in every transition, a lot is expected from the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Indeed it is now almost two months since President William Ruto was sworn into office and pressure is being piled on him to deliver on his election promises.

Deservedly so, because Kenyans are hurting. Most citizens are finding it hard to put food on the table. Drought is ravaging the country and hunger is biting hard.

There is no denying that Kenya’s economy is in dire straits, a problem that has been brought about by a combination of several factors, among them the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

These issues will make it difficult for any government to steer its affairs steadily devoid of hitches and hiccups. Kenya is no exception, even the UK, which is grappling with similar economic issues, is now changing its premiers as if they were sunglasses.

The new administration of Kenya Kwanza has to settle down and indications are that it will take some time to do so.

Cabinet Secretaries have just assumed office while the Principal Secretaries still have to undergo their own round of vetting and later approval by Parliament.

The process of recruiting Chief Administrative Secretaries has hit a snag after litigants went to court to challenge it.

In other words, the Kenya Kwanza government is still far from being complete.

The legal hurdles placed ahead of the formation of a new government and the economic challenges being faced around the world make it difficult for the new administration to deliver on its election manifesto immediately.

Ruto and his team will require time to effectively deliver on their mandate.

Indeed, the President has appointed some experienced performers who will make it easier for him to deliver on his pledges.

To some extent, the new administration has taken some positive steps towards alleviating the problems faced by the downtrodden. The reduction in fertiliser prices and the successful negotiations for the slashing of digital loan interest rates are a relief to millions. These may sound like a mere drop of rain in the sand but they mean a lot to a majority of citizens.

Indeed, the country is facing a myriad of social, economic and administrative challenges. It is the responsibility of the President to wholly address these problems. However, all of them cannot be solved in one day, week, month or year. It will take time.

Viewed against this background, it is only advisable that we – all Kenyans regardless of our political affiliations – give President Ruto and his administration time to deliver on their pledges.

We all have to accept and appreciate that the economic situation in the country is going to be worse before it gets better.

It is gratifying to note that the President has assured Kenyans that he is going to serve all Kenyans regardless of whom they voted for, and he has started to do so by visiting the areas seen as opposition strongholds.

That is a reality that we have to live with. Let us accord the President and his team the space to operate appropriately so that they may deliver diligently.

—The writer is a former President of the Football Kenya Federation

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