Quitting a job? Learn from thriving businesswomen

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Person operating a computer. PHOTO/PD/File
Person operating a computer. PHOTO/PD/File

Making the transition from being employed to running own business is a decision that requires courage. Naturally, there is much to fear as one makes the journey into the unknown. However, there are lessons one can learn from successful businesswomen who have paved the way for the next generation to build on and thrive. The key lessons are about resilience, dedication and determination.

The first step anyone who is new in business needs to learn is to believe in themselves. This is essential to your success in any new venture. You must have confidence in your abilities and faith in your vision. There will be moments when one feels overwhelmed and want to quit, but those are the times one must soldier on courageously.

Too often, we can second-guess ourselves and doubt our abilities, which can hold us back. However, successful businesswomen demonstrate that having confidence in yourself and your ideas can help you turn obstacles into opportunities and keep moving forward.

One other lesson worth remembering is that hard work and determination will, more often than not, yield the right results. One thing new entrepreneurs will learn quickly is how to learn new skills they did not need during employment; like how to write and create content about their business, especially if they are solopreneurs.

There is no shortcut to success; achieving your goals requires grit, perseverance and determination to overcome challenges. However, successful businesswomen never give up; despite setbacks, they keep pushing forward until they achieve their desired results.

Authentic relationships are also key to the success of any new business. Successful businesswomen emphasise the importance of authentic relationships. The first thing you might find yourself doing is alerting your core community that you have moved from employment to entrepreneurship and are open for business. If you have authentic relationships, you will land projects from some of your friends and business network forums. In today’s world, networking can often seem transactional, but successful businesswomen understand that relationships built on sincerity, mutual trust and respect are essential for a successful business. Not everyone will tell you this, but you will need to learn from your mistakes. This is critical to your success as a newbie in entrepreneurship.  Successful businesswomen I met along the way have often experienced setbacks, but they never let their mistakes hold them back. Instead, they learn from their failures and use them as opportunities for growth and improvement. By learning from your mistakes, you can gain new insights, muster the courage to be innovate and continue to develop your skills and knowledge.

The one thing that everyone making the transition from employment to entrepreneurship must bear in mind is how to manage their time well. Managing your time well is essential in today’s world, where everyone is constantly connected and busy. Learn how to plan, because planning is essential to managing your time effectively.

Successful businesswomen understand the importance of setting goals, prioritising them and creating a plan with actionable steps to achieve those goals. The other main thing is that delegation is vital. Successful businesswomen realise they cannot do everything themselves and are willing to delegate tasks to others. This frees up their time to focus on what they are good at and what is also most important.

Finally, one of the most critical lessons is the importance of self-care. Successful businesswomen understand that taking care of themselves is vital to their success. As a result, they prioritise their mental and physical well-being and set aside time for exercise, spiritual practices, continuous learning and other activities that help them stay focused and productive. Borrow a leaf from them.

— The writer, Betty Mwangi, is a marketer who teaches businesses how to simplify marketing strategies and increase brand visibility

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