Teachers should embrace new skills

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 03:00 | By
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Implementation of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme starts this week and accredited institutions have assured they will offer a flexible system.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) accredited Mount Kenya University, Riara University, Kenyatta University and Kenya Education Management Institute to offer the programme.

Despite heavy criticism from a section of teachers on its implementation, TSC has insisted that the course is a formal programme, that requires registered tutors to continuously improve their pedagogical and management skills for quality learner outcomes.

Similarly, the commission insists that it is not in breach of its mandate.

The accredited institutions are required to have a minimum of 5,000 teachers to begin the programme and they are ready to go this week.

The institutions say they will equip teachers with professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to address pedagogy and content using the Competency Based Teacher Education model.

Modules have been developed to add value and improve teachers’ competences and learner outcomes.

Blended mode of learning will be employed, which will consist of face-to-face model done during school holidays and online learning where teachers and instructional leaders will access online content any time.

According to TSC, teachers are expected to enroll and undertake a TPD programme in face-to-face sessions for five days once a year during school holidays.

They will be required to download an App created by respective universities to facilitate learning. Teaching and learning must adapt to the changing world.

More than ever, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that there is power in embracing technology and teachers must also be ready to play their part. We agree all knowledge is good knowledge.

The hiccups that were identified by the teachers should be resolved so that everyone is on the same page as the rollout begins.

In a world that is dynamic, refresher courses are meant to equip learners with the latest skills in the job market.

Teachers should prepare learners to enable them navigate through increasingly complex social, economic, technological and global challenges.

It is, therefore, important that they embrace refresher courses, just like other professions have been doing to renew their skills.

So far, it is evident that the uptake of the TPD programme is gradual and more teachers are encouraged to register.

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