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Boda boda riders will be part of my government – Natembeya

Saturday, February 5th, 2022 18:47 | By

The former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, who resigned to run for Trans Nzoia County governor seat, has said Boda Boda riders will be part of his government.

Responding to allegations that he will not allow boda boda riders to operate in Kitale town, Natembeya said the allegations are pure propaganda meant to ruin the good working relationship between him and the riders.

"Whoever is saying Natembeya will remove you and mama mboga from town, I want you to ask them where did I say that and whom did I tell. That is not true because I don't see any reason why I should do that," Natembeya said.

He said his 'malicious' opponents crafted the propaganda to send fear to small business people in Kitale.

"Those who have no plans of transforming this county have resorted to spread rumours and send unnecessary panic to our business people. You are my brothers. I have seen what you are doing, how then will I chase you out of town?" he asked.

He revealed that if he becomes the second Governor of Trans Nzoia, riders will be part of his government and that he has made plans to uplift them by creating a conducive environment for them to operate in.

"I want to assure you that there shall be no exploitation in my government. We shall come up with a mechanism where you will not be required to pay monthly taxes instead you will just pay a reasonable and affordable amount once per year.

"In fact you will be the people collecting those revenues because we have realized some people don't pay revenues and what is collected is stolen," he said.

Natembeya also dared his opponents to prepare for a tough political duel in the August 9 polls.

Natembeya, who is running on Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K), will face off with Kiminini Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa (Ford-K) and Philemon Samoei (UDA) among others.

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