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Bomet governor asks MCAs to unite for him to deliver campaign promises

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 18:13 | By
Bomet governor asks leaders to unite for him to deliver campaign promises
Bomet governor prof Hillary Barchok and speaker Cosmas korir Arriving at Bomet county assembly chambers for official opening of the 3rd assembly. PHOTO/Hillary Mutai.

Bomet Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok has pledged to fulfil his election pledges.

Speaking in an address to the County Assembly, Barchok said his focus will be on uplifting the local economy and well-being of locals through the operationalization of agriculture and health programs that are due.

He revealed that value addition will be his main agenda in a bid not only to create job opportunities for youth and also to ensure extra earnings for farmers.

Barchok cited the ongoing milk processing plant in Chebunyo ward, saying the project would be completed in a few weeks.

The governor said the project will see dairy farmers benefit from better prices for their produce and at the same time support his government’s school feeding program.

“I am keen to ensure completion of the processing plant so that as farmers benefit my government also sustains the school feeding program for ECDE learners,” he said.

Barchok also noted that he was keen on ensuring there was water supply through the completion of water projects in Konoin and Chepalungu that are ongoing.

He also revealed that key on his agenda would be ensuring the direct sale of tea to the Islamic state of Iran continues.

He said the process he launched three years ago had faced setbacks after the ministry of foreign affairs failed to give the MOUs a clean bill of health.

“We are still waiting for the ministry of foreign affairs to give nod to our MOU so that we go full force in selling our tea to Iran,” he said.

Barchok appeals to MCAs

The Bomet governor further reached out to Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to back his agenda through the passing of legislation.

“I am appealing to members of this House to support my agenda so that as we seek approval of some bills that will help in operationalizing our agenda,” he added.

His speech went down well with MCAs who vowed to support Barchok to realise his plans.

Boito MCA Charles Langat said they are ready to accord the governor the necessary support.

“He touched on all sectors and we are going to support him realize what he has laid down,” he said.

Kipreres MCA Philip Korir however said the governor did not reveal how he plans to improve county revenue.

Korir questioned how the governor would fund the programs he outlined without a good revenue base, saying there is a need for him to go back to the drawing board.

Korir said Barchok should relook at some taxation laws and amend them so that everyone who pays tax is commensurate with what they are doing.

He demanded that tea estates within Bomet should be made to pay substantial tax.

“I waited in vain to hear Barchok speak about plans on improving tax including how he plans to make tea estates within Bomet pay land rates that are up to date,” he said.

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