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Catholics call on media to uphold truth and fairness

Thursday, May 12th, 2022 10:21 | By
Archibishop Anthony Muheria. Photo/PD/File

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has challenged the media to promote unity discourse, stand by the truth and hold both political and religious leaders to account for their remarks at all times.

 This, even as they vowed not to be partisan in the upcoming polls and called on other religious leaders to remain non-partisan in the political discourse.

 The clerics said that the church has the duty and responsibility to the truth and urged its flock to remain faithful to the promotion of peace, tranquility and harmony irrespective of the outcome of the August 9, polls.

 Led by Catholic Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria the clergy told the media to be professional and not to turn a blind eye on ethics in the society including itself.

 However, Archbishop Muheria regretted the sentiments of the other religious leaders saying that the church should be the moral compass of a society and should not be partisan when it comes to leadership of the country.

 “We as a Catholic Church are not partisan when it comes to politics. We are not in favour of any presidential candidate or any side. I hold every priest in my archdiocese accountable to what they say. I challenge the media to hold any Bishop or clergy of the Catholic Church to account for their remarks,” said Muheria.

 He said that while the country is preparing to elect new leaders in August, there was need to do proper civic education so that the masses are educated to make the right choices.

 During a breakfast meeting with Kenya Editors Guild (KEG) yesterday, the clergy said that although the Catholic Church has always stood by the truth and remained non-partisan, some of the religious leaders have taken sides.

 “The church mellowed because its messages were getting twisted and that the media wanted the church to be punchier. But the media has a duty to the truth and to promote unity and peaceful co-existence,” said Archbishop Muheria.

 Last week, leaders from the Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya openly endorsed DP William Ruto for the presidency in the coming polls.

 Federation chairman Bishop Samuel Njiriri said their endorsement was based on Ruto’s beliefs as a Christian, adding that they had scanned all leaders who have presented themselves for leadership, and they are convinced that the DP is the right person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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