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Contentious Political Parties bill enters critical stage this week

Monday, January 17th, 2022 05:00 | By
Co-chair of the joint committee and Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni at a past event. Photo/PD/File

The Senate is this week expected to receive written memoranda on the contentious Political Parties (Amendment) Bill, which enters a critical stage, from the public.

Last week, Senate’s Clerk Jeremiah Nyegenye invited interested members of the public to submit their written memoranda within seven days upon publication of the notice.

“Pursuant to provisions of Article 118 of the Constitution and Standing Order 140 (5) of the Senate Standing Orders, the committee now invites interested members of the public to submit any representations they may have on the Bill by way of written memoranda,” Nyegenye said in a notice published on Wednesday last week.

Memoranda may be sent by email at the address: [email protected] and copied to the committee via [email protected].
The public has until Wednesday, 5pm, January 19, to submit their views.

The Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee chaired by Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni will hold public hearings on the Bill on Thursday and Friday. Sessions will run from 9am to 5pm on both days.

“Hearings will be held at the Senate Chamber, Main Parliament Buildings, Nairobi,” the notice reads.

Omogeni has assured Kenyans that his committee, which consists of Senior Counsels, will give the people of Kenya the opportunity to present their views before tabling their report in the House.

“We must learn from jurisprudence that has come from our courts of law and everyone knows that if you go through a legislative process that does not accord Kenyans an opportunity to have a meaningful public participation, then you are setting such a law for failure,” Omogeni told People Daily yesterday.

“So let us do the right thing. Let us not proceed in haste. Let us give those who support this Bill an opportunity to appear before us and say why they support it. Those who oppose it should also get an opportunity to appear before us and present their views,” he added.

Nyamira Senator asked members of the public and stakeholders to feel free to engage with the Senate, as they will be accorded an opportunity to be heard.

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