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DP Gachagua entices Kamba c*mmunity to join government

Monday, October 24th, 2022 04:34 | By
Rigathi Gachagua
Deputy PRigathi while speaking in Kitui where he attended a church service at AIC Kitui Township on Sunday, October 23. PHOTO/(@RigathiGachagua)Facebook

Kamba Community has been urged to discard Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and join Government.

Deputy Rigathi Gachangua told a gathering in Kitui town during a church thanksgiving service that even though they intended to work with the former vice president, he had become so unpredictable.

President William Ruto said that he was ready to work with Kalonzo when he (Kalonzo) is ready for him. Ruto recounted his promise to work with Kalonzo when he wins the election saying that, even though he kept his promise, he (Kalonzo) had chosen to be in opposition.

Gachagua said that the time was ripe for the Kamba community to liberate itself from opposition politics even though the top community leadership was angling toward the opposition.

“This situation is not right. The people of Ukambani cannot be in opposition forever. It is up to you when you see your leader misleading you to say no. In the Mt Kenya region, our leader wanted to take us to Azimio and we said No and supported William Ruto. So this is your time to liberate yourself from negative politics. If you see a leader leading you to the bush, then you should change to the other direction,” said Gachagua.

Political direction

He asked the people of Ukambani to guide their leader in the correct political direction saying that Ukambani was so much in need of Government support and should have no business in opposition.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti had set the stage when she asked Ruto to consider working with Kalonzo saying the duo had historical good working relationship.

Wavinya who has for some time pronounced herself that she was ready to work with Ruto’s Government to deliver development to the electorates said he (Ruto) was the president of Kenya saying that “whatever God has written, no man can change”.

Ruto said that even though in any election there are winners and losers, no Kenyan was for opposition and ought to enjoy equal rights. “We are ready to work with all elected leaders. The same way you are ready to work with me is the same way I am ready with you for the benefit of the electorates in Kitui and the whole country,” said Ruto

The first-term Governor sensationally proposed to the Head of State to hold a high-level discussion with Kalonzo for the purpose of finding a working relationship. “What I can ask you is, know what you will do to your brother (Kalonzo) I am here with my colleague Governor of Kitui to tell you that we spoke with Kalonzo Musyoka and he told us we come and pray with you."

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