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Eala leaders laud Buxton Point housing project model

Friday, February 9th, 2024 04:00 | By
Eala leaders laud Buxton Point housing project model
Eala leaders laud Buxton Point housing project model PHOTO/Print

Lawmakers from East Africa Legislative Assembly (Eala) have hailed the Buxton Point Housing project model as best practice for curing the housing deficit in the region.

Speaking during the site visit to phase one of the Buxton project, the legislators under Eala Communication, Trade and Investment Committee, said the project was revolutionary as it showcases “a lifestyle, meaning it’s not just the question of where you live but also other activities that compliment your daily life within an apartment.”

Partner states

They acknowledged the Buxton Point housing as commendable and recommended the rest of East African Community partner states to borrow and implement the template.

Kenya’s Eala representative who is also the chair of the committee and developer of the Buxton Point housing project Suleiman Shahbal (pictured) said phase one of the project was successfully completed with phase two expected to kick off soon.

Buxton Point is a “modern and affordable housing project” in Mombasa which is being done through a partnership between GulfCap Real Estate and the County Government of Mombasa.

However, the project has been rocked by controversies, top among them being the public concerns over the affordability of the project.

 According to residents, the housing units under the projects “are not affordable to the common citizen.”

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